Operation Pulchowk

Operation Pulchowk

By Sachindra Rajbansi

Operation Pulchowk is an initiative to provide aid and assistance to the Haibug Village in Sindhuchowk district of Nepal, started by 8 friends and nature lovers. Deeply affected by the devastation brought upon Man, Land and Life by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, this relief exercise is their attempt to return the warmth and affection towards the villagers who they met and got close to in happier times of recreational visits to the area.

Haibung Village is about an hour and a half outside the now devastated Kathmandu Valley. Sindhupalchowk, the district that comprises Haibung is one of the hard hit areas. Making matters worse, the relief reached here can best be described as minimal, even though theHaibung Village Development Committee of Sindhupalchowk District is not far from Kathmandu. These 8 friends have come together to do whatever they can to help Ward Numbers 1, 2 and 3 of this 9 Ward Village Development Committee.

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