About Us

Fseven Photographers is a collective of seven young professionals who began their photographic journey in New Delhi, India. All of us come from an extremely diverse personal and professional background and carry a distinct photographic vision and capability. Binding us is our aim to create works of photographic art and narrate visual stories through exhibitions, books and the likes.


We call ourselves Photo-geeks. For we put too much brain and thought into a photograph. Documentary Photography is our forte and puts us on our heels even at midnight.
We shoot commercially as well, though selectively, across a wide range of services including Product, Weddings, Food, Interior, Portrait and Industrial Shoots. We strive to understand what the consumer is looking for and work backwards using a thorough process of design, style and shooting. Our work has found mention in multiple forums – print, digital and otherwise.


Collaboration with artists within and beyond Fseven forms an important part of our work. We sense collaboration imperative to our existence. Collaborating artists must feed on each other to create an ecosystem that breeds their advancement. We believe that photography in this age is not limited to the medium or individual vision.
The collaborations page of this website has all the work where we have joined hands and created images together.

Mentorship Program

Fseven invites applications for a 3 month program in documentary photography. This is a hands on – on the job instruction module that will require the mentee to work on a live documentary project. By the end of the mentorship program, the mentee would be able to conceptualize a project, research and bring together resources for the same and bring out photographs in suitable formats – exhibitions, books, et al. The mentorship period will follow a schedule of topics and activities/ interactions which would be additional to the project shooting.


2017 | Darpan Art Gallery, Pune

Living Rooms
2015 | Trikanna Mathilakam Art Festival, Kerala
Curated by Dr Kavita Bala Krishnan

Her Own
2014 | Contemporary Art Week, New Delhi
Curated by Anshika Verma

2014 | Tabula Rasa, New Delhi

Land of Prayers
2014 | Tabula Rasa, New Delhi