By Bhagyashri Patki

As a child my grandmother used to share stories of gods, kings and people of exemplary character. Even today I realize stories and lives of legendary people fascinate me. This series revolves around influential historic characters that defined the tamil culture.

The project “House of devotion” has been done as part of ETP Project 365 which reflects a personal allegory of one of the great epics in Tamil Literature, The Periya Puranam by Sekkizhaar. Written in 12th century, it is a narrative of the lives of sixty-three Tamil Saiva saints, known as Nayanmars. These men and women were ordinary people from various walks of life who spent their lives in devotion to lord Shiva, an Indian deity.

Through these pictures I have tried to symbolize the lives of these nayanmars. I worked with the elements of their daily life and the photographs reveal the instances from the devotee’s life that led to their union with Shiva.

This is an ongoing project, currently developed in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Tiruvannamalai, Conceptual, Personal Work