Delhi - Above the noise

Delhi – Above the noise

By Bhagyashri Patki

This project is a series of photographs shot from higher vantage points in Delhi. Despite living here, I had never really seen many of the places in the city. With references of locations by friends, I saw a few spaces for the first time and found them unique.

It was with this project that I ventured into numerous spaces which I had never imagined existed in this metropolitan city. The vantage points, mainly foot over bridges, offered an interesting overview of the city. They took me away from the usual scenarios of traffic, clamorous and busy spaces filled with people, vehicles everywhere.

Each of these spaces whether plush green parks or empty lands, old wide airport runway or cramped settlement alongside a train track, all of them added a unique characteristic to the city.

Thinking of Delhi, the first thing that comes to my mind is its rich heritage. Personally I feel that the city’s charm lies in its old look and feel. I wanted to retain that look, which I tried to achieve inspired by Polaroid images.

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