By Bhagyashri Patki

Break Free is about an evolution of the mind of a person. From being caught up in his / her own mental blocks or stories or inhibitions to a state of mind that is free.
The project idea began from me after reflecting on myself. Many times I held myself back from doing things which I wanted to. I tried to observe myself as an individual and found that I am someone who gets stuck in life because of my hesitations. I always desired to be freeand live my dreams. But my inhibitions and doubts always pulled me back from doing what I always desired to.

With the series of these photographs I have tried to show the two sides of a person or a journey of mind from being stuck or boxed in life to someone who believes in ones dreams and is reaching out towards them.

This project has indeed been a journey of self – exploration, where I tried to understand my feelings better in terms of fears, desires or things that I get influenced by.
The project is done using light painting technique, where I chose to represent the spirit of the person using light patterns. As the project evolved I started using objects as elements to represent the state of mind

Personal Work